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Waze – Part II

I was not overly impressed with my first experience with Waze. However, I’m trying to be open minded. After all, I was traveling through Eastern Idaho in the middle of the winter in a winter storm warning on some two-lane state highway. Given the conditions, I did not spend a lot of time staring at Padison. The one time I did check, Waze showed me in the middle of a huge grey field. It didn’t even know I was on a road.

I haven’t given up on Waze yet. I’ve heard so many good things (here, here, here) and a so-so review here.
I really like the large buttons. The icons are intuitive and I can quickly find what I’m looking for and then select without having to worry about hitting some tiny little button on the edge of the display. I’m not a big fan of social gimmicks (scoreboard, moods, etc), but overall You can login to the Waze dashboard and view your recent routes. Waze even lets you modify the map. For example, if Waze doesn’t recognize the path I drove as a valid road, you can add a road onto the map. It keeps an archive of  trips I’ve taken. I noticed that one entry in my archive showed me walking from the front door of my home to the street where my truck was parked.
I’d like to postpone writing too negative of a response. I only really tried to use it on one trip. I want to use it on my daily commute and errands for a while. I really like what I see in Waze. I’m anxious to drive around a bit and see more of what it can do.
Have you used Waze, or have you used any other navigation apps on your iPhone? I’d like to know about your experience.
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