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Siri-ous Affection

Disclaimer: This post is not an advertisement or endorsement for Apple products. This post is about productivity. Wait for it!

I am not traditionally an i-Fan. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Apple. It means that I’ve never been the type of person that follows the fad or the in-crowd. I was always just me–not always popular, or even noticed. Just me. Which means that sometimes I shied away from the “popular” stuff.

Then, 18 months ago I acquired my iPad. It has made me phenomenally productive. Every bit (pun intended) of information I need is right at my finger tips. And so the conversion to the Apple revolution began. I’ve carried Franklin Planners, Palm Pilots, smart phones; nothing compares to my iPad.

Until now! I have owned an iPhone 4S for six days. It is my iPad on a smaller scale. My iPad is affectionately called Padi. I considered naming my iPhone Son of Padi, but it sounded far too macabre. I opted for the more Scandinavian Padison.

My point? …. Oh, yes. I love Siri! Siri on my iPhone has taken productivity to a new level. I no longer have to fumble with tiny feedback-less keys. I simply hit the microphone button, speak naturally, and hit the done button. Texting, reminders, appointments, voice-activated calls, emails, notes….you name it. I can do all this in at least half the time it previously took me to do it by hand–literally. My voice and Siri are a great team.

No training required. Out of the box, Siri is at my beck and call. And she seems to have a personality at times. I wonder if there is a real person in there. My techno-background says, “No,” but it doesn’t stop me from wondering.

Get yours now. Not sold in all stores. Battery included.

Out of curiosity, how has your i-device and/or Siri made you more productive?

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