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Making Decisions

In light of my last post, I was searching for things I might have done better. Oddly enough, an email from Dave Ramsey fell into my inbox. “Five Ways to Make Hard Decisions Easier“. Dave mentions several things that may have applied to my situation.

Setting a Deadline

Making the decision was not the difficult part for me. However, if you’re procrastinating that tough call, Dave recommends setting a deadline. “I’ll do it after my office is clean.” or “By 3 o’clock I’ll make a decision.”


Taking Your Time

This one seems contrary to the previous suggestion. It is important to remember that it may be just as dangerous to make a hasty decision as it is to make no decision. Such was my plight. I think I pulled the trigger too quick and didn’t have all my information lined up.


Gathering Options

This might have been another contributer to my poor decision. I relied to heavily on the research conducted by the former project manager. I based my decision on his judgement. I was choosing between two choices. Certainly there must have been more out there. I didn’t have enough options to choose from.


Avoiding Financial Risks

This was not a factor in my decision. In the grand scheme of my employer, the financial hit I incurred was extremely small. But when you’re struggling to make the big judgement, it is best to consider the financial hit or burden that could be placed on you or the company. So, ask yourself, “If everything goes south, will I be able to weather the storm?”



This is my own. Some might call it a gut feeling or intuition. It really doesn’t matter what you call it. If the decision “feels” wrong, then it probably is. The tough thing is distinguishing between nervousness and wrong. For me, I have come to realize and recognize the difference in myself. My wife is a pretty good barometer, too. Even when the decision doesn’t affect her in any way, I often bounce some ideas off of her and get her reaction and feelings. She is seldom wrong.



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