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Unsuccessful Excellence

All my posts to this point have dealt with improving excellence. I suppose this one does too. However, this is more like what-not-to-do. Eric Jackson recently wrote on Forbes.com about The 7 Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives. Take a read and enjoy. #3 and #4 really rang true with me.

I have previously worked for individuals who felt like they had all the answers, so severely that they would not consider any other alternative except their own. I am not claiming that they were always wrong, but they were definitely not always right. Sometimes other ideas can help to shape our own ideas. We might be onto something remarkable. Listening and heeding others ideas can make ours just that much better. The feelings can be enhanced when praise and recognition are incorporated. “Joe, that’s a great suggestions. Thank you for sharing. If we take your ides and tweak this….”

I have personally been the victim of #4: Ruthlessly eliminate anyone that isn’t completely behind them.  It relates closely to number 2. I “mistakenly” assumed that my boss wanted to hear alternatives and other perspectives. No. He just wanted “yes men” to shut up and do what they were told. Consequently, I was assigned elsewhere. Similar reassignments have caused discord and disunity and distrust in the organization. Was it worth it? Many individuals have said, “No, it is not worth it” and have left the organization. Some of the moves have been crippling.

Dilbert says it all.

My word of advice is this: be cautious. Be open minded. Repeat Excellence.

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