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New Year’s Resolutions

What is the big deal with New Year’s resolutions? We all make them. Yes, even me. I’m going to spend a moment here beating up on resolutions, but I do make them, too.

I have a number of resolutions for 2012, three that I’ll share.

1)I need to shed a few pounds. Don’t we all these days? Last spring I lost 30 pounds by being meticulous about my food. Not necessarily what I ate, but how much I ate. Portion control. Oh, and 90 days of a pretty intense exercise program. As of Christmas I’ve gained 25 of those pounds back. Gotta get rid of them.

2) I also want to write a novel. I started research and planning several years ago. I even wrote the first chapter. In 2011, I put in a decent effort and made some satisfactory progress. But it’s time to finish it.

3) The most realistic of my goals is to read one book a month. I love reading. I haven’t decided on the list yet. I’ll put together a draft and post it. I’ll call it a draft because if something new comes around later, I want the right to adjust my list to include the new find. If any of you have some suggestions that are not on my recommended reading list, I would love to see them.

So, resolutions. I (we) have all these things we want to begin on January 1. My question: Why are we waiting? Why are we procrastinating? If these things are going to make us so much more excellent, why put them off? “Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.” (Thomas Jefferson) I decided not to. I started losing the weight the day after Christmas. (Down four pounds already!) I haven’t started reading yet, nor have I spent any time writing the novel. But, hey, I have to start somewhere.

There are probably a lot of things we could or even should put off, but not the things that make us more excellent. Quit smoking. Eat healthier. Spend more time with your family. Read Todd’s “Repeat Excellence” blog more regularly.

Bottom line: If you have resolutions, start them today. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

See you next year. Cheers.
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